Library is the heart of Educational Institutions. The main aim of library is to provide right documents to right users at right time. The collections of library includes Books, Journals, Magazines, Project reports, Question Bank, Back volumes of Journals, Magazines and News papers in the filed of Management studies Science and Educational Technologies. Our library is adapted with the following sections. 

Reference Section          

This section has more than 1000 volumes like highly valuable books, rare/unique collections, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Syllabus based text and reference books. Periodical Section.

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1.     15 Numbers of Journals available with One International Journal

2.     10 Magazines Available.

Periodical section has 15  Journals from various societies like

1.     Education Technology Society

2.     Research Society

3.     Computer Society

Stock Section

This section has 6131 Books and 2296 Titles for home reading purpose. Books are arranged  subject wise and  Author name alphabetically for easy accessing. It saves the time of users. 

Circulation Section    

Circulation section includes issue, return and renewal by the users using their Identity card. 

Digital Library       

There are 150 CDs, VCDs and 30 DVDs available as e-Books, e-journals and e-magazines. It also includes more than 30 audio-visual motivation e-books for improving communication skills.

1.     24 hours Internet facilities available 

2.     Del Net facility available 

3.     Inflibnet facility available

Working Hours

The Library is kept open from 9.00 A.M.  to  5.00 P.M. in all working days.